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The smart network that grows your community

The environment to make the most of communities and digital transformation

A network of smart spaces for organizations and professionals to access knowledge, contacts, participate in projects, and gain greater visibility in the areas and territories that interest them most.

What benefits does it bring?

For participants
Access specialized communities where opportunities of all kinds exist: develop projects, share resources, knowledge and contacts.
For community leaders
To convert the threatening changes that society and the different entities, due to digital transformation, will undergo into opportunities.
For partners
For entities or people with the capacity and interest to have in their portfolio an innovative product, based on technology and strategic services.


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Meet the organizations and territories that are anticipating the future

A pioneering environment in constant growth, where you can get both strategic and operational benefits

How it benefits me

Success stories

What do experts and promoters think about this environment?

Collaborative Community of Bizkaia
Thanks to this initiative in which more than 2,000 users participate, nearly 600 local development projects have been launched in the community promoted by BBK Fundazioa and Fundación Urbegi.
Somos Emprende Network
Initiative promoted by the Andalusian Government, to connect and provide a teleworking environment for the Andalusian entrepreneurship ecosystem, with nearly 3,000 people.
Smart RedR
Initiative promoted by the Spanish Rural Development Network together with the Ministry of Social Welfare, to connect rural development agents, entrepreneurs and products oriented to this field.
Community promoted by the Caledonian University of Glasgow together with five other European universities to create the community of European entrepreneurship and social innovation.
Anecpla Digital Community
Association with more than 150 partners throughout Spain, which has created a smart environment for its associates where they can share knowledge, manage collaborative projects, and stay up-to-date on important information.
Engineers Professional Association of Bizkaia
The Engineers Professional Association of Bizkaia, with more than 5,000 members, uses this environment as its space to connect, generate synergies and contribute knowledge to its entire community.