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The smart network that grows your community

Increasingly, people around an organization need to participate and have more prominence to feel part of it. Our network is for leaders who anticipate these new needs, and offer their community their own environment to stimulate participation, collaboration and communication, strengthening ties between people and organizations.

A new way to interact with your community

Your intelligent environment
It's something more than a social network, something more than a collaborative work tool, and something more than a dashboard.
Algorithms that work for you
Depending on each user interests, the environment allows selecting those collaborators and resources that best suit their needs.
Anticipate your community's wishes
Discover new areas of interest from the activity of your community, and act according to the common interests of people and activities.

Discover in a minute how we grow your community


If you are looking for a technological system accompanied by a human team that helps you grow, we have a solution for you.

App and corporate platform
Collaboration and participation environment
Agile management system
Strengthening of brand and corporate reputation
App and corporate platform
No matter what type of company, association or entity you are, we offer an environment that adapts to your audience, which is personalized in a simple way, and without a long learning period. The environment that brings people closer to the community and strengthens the bonds between them.
Collaboration and participation environment
We build an intelligent environment that offers a new way of energizing your community, by stimulating participation and innovation, strengthening ties between people and organizations. In short, making it grow.
Agile management system
A new way to monitor and manage your network through real-time data, to perform specific actions based on the interests of your community, and detect trends and new interests from the activity.
Strengthening of brand and corporate reputation
An environment that generates new opportunities thanks to the fact that it improves the perception of the brand and reinforces the pride of belonging to the group. Facilitate planning and teamwork in your community, increasing productivity, while allowing a comprehensive view of the organization and its relationships.


Reasons to use a network that will grow your community

Bring people closer
because it links people to the community, to the organization. It allows attracting talent and willingness to collaborate.
Strengthen the links
because it reinforces the community relationships, making planning, innovation and teamwork easier.
Generate new opportunities
because it analyzes the data to show trends and new areas according to your interests, increasing productivity.
Improve brand perception
because it generates a private community to work and reinforces the pride of belonging to a group.
Create experiences
because it makes the development and communication of experiences easier to promote values and participation.
Manage quickly
because it allows to have a comprehensive vision of the organization and its relationships, and to monitor the impact of actions on the network.

Success stories

What some of our clients say

Collaborative Community of Bizkaia
Thanks to this initiative in which more than 2,000 users participate, nearly 500 local development projects have been launched in the community promoted by BBK Fundazioa and Fundación Urbegi.
Educational communities
Initiatives in different areas and territories such as: planning, monitoring and project management, relationship with alumni, active communication between the educational center with companies and other collaborators, agile management of dual training, etc.
Associations committed to the social and territorial environment
Projects with active communication spaces between the associations and their community, as well as the management and simple and up-to-date information for a closer, more agile and effective relationship.
Brand reinforcement
The organizations are creating links among the members of their community, promoting the active participation in their own community, in an agile and simple way, as well as the collaboration and exchange of information and resources. It is essential to create an active virtual environment of the brand about topics of interest.
Sectoral and professional associations
There are already associations with their own virtual environment to communicate and generate participation among their associates, both in app and web format. They save a lot of time in corporate communication, they boost the activity of the associates and attract new members to the community.
Innovation and talent networks
Talent, innovation and collaboration networks are generating communities to share information, develop projects and generate value through creation and collaboration.