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The smart network that grows your community

Your private community, everything under control

Our intelligent environment allows you to generate and energize your community, plan and develop your tasks and objectives in collaboration, and communicate with your team instantly; always accompanied by our human team to help you grow.







.network. A network that adapts to your environment

It adapts to your audience
Women, men, adults, young people... The environment adapts to the profile and interests of your users and your community.
Multiple environments
It offers infinite possibilities in multiple environments: educational, business, sports, etc., easily customizable for each case.
You make the road
It is the combination of an environment and some support services, where you make the approach and we help you to build it.

Take a look at how you can grow your community

A directory with organizations, profiles, events, news...

All your network at a glance

You can create your interconnected and adapted directory to the needs of your community: organizations, people, news, events, challenges... All organized based on the interests of your community to facilitate the search and relationships.

Collaborative projects in a simple way

Customize your work process

Plan and develop your goals in one place, and track what is important for your team. Flexible and versatile to face any challenge easily.

Communicate and share elements in real time

Connect your community

Make decisions more agile through private and group conversations in real time, with all the information of your community just a click away.

Work on the network and receive notifications on your device

Don't miss anything

All the power you need to boost your community at your fingertips. Connect from your iOS or Android device, and keep working from wherever you want.

Discover in a minute how we grow your community

Imagine having all this on one platform

Compare to other tools

Project and task management platforms
Trello, Asana, dashboards, etc.
Possibility of creating projects with several users and roles.
Task management collaboratively.
Assign responsibilities, priorities and dates to tasks.
Attach files and other resources to projects.
Communication and collaboration applications
Slack, WhatsApp, etc.
Direct communication between members of your team and collaborators.
Possibility to create groups and share resources.
Notifications in real time.
Unlimited message history.
Community and contact management systems
LinkedIn, Facebook, CRM, etc.
Categorized directory of professional profiles, organizations, etc.
Relationship between profiles and creation of a network.
Agenda for the management of events, grants, etc.
Source of information and resources of interest.
The smart network that grows your community
Everything offered by the previous tools, in one platform, and also:
Your own environment adapted to your audience, personalized, and without a long learning period.
Automatic suggestion of resources and collaborators depending on the needs of each user.
A human team of support and dynamisation for your community.

Meet the organizations and territories that are anticipating the future

A pioneering environment in constant growth, where you can get both strategic and operational benefits

How it benefits me