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Our own experience as an organization guarantees us

A human team that helps you grow

Urbegi started with 5 people in 2002, who decided to merge the business will and social commitment in a project. Now we have more than 600 workers, with activity in Spain and Latin America, of which 60% belong to a vulnerable group.

After more than 15 years working in different areas such as knowledge transfer to organizations, activities industrial, logistics, and auxiliary services and recycling, we created Urbegi Social Transformation with the aim of contributing to the social development of the organizations we help, accompany, and commit to their social impact objectives.

Premio pyme 2018
Urbegi has been awarded the National SME Award of the Year 2018, in the category of Training and Employment awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and Banco Santander.

Success stories

What do experts and promoters think about this environment?

Collaborative Community of Bizkaia
Thanks to this initiative in which more than 2,000 users participate, nearly 500 local development projects have been launched in the community promoted by BBK Fundazioa and Fundación Urbegi.
Educational communities
Initiatives in different areas and territories such as: planning, monitoring and project management, relationship with alumni, active communication between the educational center with companies and other collaborators, agile management of dual training, etc.
Associations committed to the social and territorial environment
Projects with active communication spaces between the associations and their community, as well as the management and simple and up-to-date information for a closer, more agile and effective relationship.
Brand reinforcement
The organizations are creating links among the members of their community, promoting the active participation in their own community, in an agile and simple way, as well as the collaboration and exchange of information and resources. It is essential to create an active virtual environment of the brand about topics of interest.
Sectoral and professional associations
There are already associations with their own virtual environment to communicate and generate participation among their associates, both in app and web format. They save a lot of time in corporate communication, they boost the activity of the associates and attract new members to the community.
Innovation and talent networks
Talent, innovation and collaboration networks are generating communities to share information, develop projects and generate value through creation and collaboration.